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What is all about? is an associate of Alexa Rank. collects from the database, all sites in the Portuguese language that are created and hosted outside of the original county, such as Brazil, Portugal, Cape Verde, etc.  In this manner an advertiser can locate all Brazilian or Portuguese web sites in the United States for their advertising campaign.   

In recent years, advertising strategy has gone though great changes. In the past, advertising on the television station and local community newspapers of a foreign country was enough, but these days, these sources are losing their attraction and visitors, as the Internet takes over.  Now is the time for advertisers to allocate their ad revenues to include web advertising in their yearly budget. is an online measure of all the websites based on the historical traffic of the last 3 months by Amazon ( It considers the average page views for each visit and how many unique visitors have entered a website. Though not a 100% perfect tool, it is a benchmark for tracking your Internet marketing accomplishment. It is updated daily and the scale starts at 1 – The highest and most trafficked website. 

For instance, as at 3rd of May of April 2011, has an alexa web traffic rank of 1, closely followed Google with a rank of 2 and with an alexa ranking of 3. It means that the lower your alexa rating or ranking, the more popular your website.  Understand clearly that the higher your ranking the worst, in terms of visitors, is the site. 

There are some 28,000,000 million web sites listed in Alexa and that number is growing geometrically.  If a site ranks, 24,000,000 it means that there are 24,000,000 web sites ahead of it, and it is considered a negligible web site, as very few visitors have stopped there.  The closer you reach to 100,000 the better your site is.  When it reaches 100,000 it is among the best in the world with significant visitors to make any advertiser happy. 



The ( web traffic ranking tool is used by advertisers to determine the website visitors and page views. This helps to estimate how much an advertising on a particular website is really worth. It means that the lower the Internet ranking of a website, the more money advertisers should be willing to pay for an ad on that website. This will in turn result in an increase in revenue for the website and probably an increase in alexa ranking.

Currently advertisers in the Portuguese language communities are in a quandary: to continue advertising on television and community newspapers or to begin an aggressive Internet campaign.  Their problem is that they are easily fooled by an attractive web site, which look and feel as if they are successful, when; in fact, it is all an illusion, similar to the wizard in the Wizard of OZ.  Only when you can peel away, the fancy artwork and see the activity behind the curtain, will you be able to determine if the website is truly viable and your advertising money will not be thrown away. This is the precise purpose of  Using, you will be able to accompany the historical traffic of a specific website and compare it to its competitors establishing you to make an informative choice before spending your limited advertising budget.

Any site with a ranking of 1,000,000 or worse (i.e., higher) is simply not getting much traffic, if any. Beyond 1,000,000 ranking you can advertise on almost every one of these websites with just a chance that a few visitors, if any,  will be referred to your site.

A site with an Alexa rank of 1,000,000 is still likely to have a bit more traffic than one with 5,000,000 or one that is not known to Alexa with a 0 ranking, (meaning that there were no visits by the millions of folks using the toolbar during the prior 90 days).

But those sites that are ranked in the multi millions have little, if any visitors. 

Webmasters provides you with two services: 

1. ranking; and

2.  Website optimizations in order to increase your Ofio ranking.

Ofio Ranking

Advertisers often use Alexa rank as one of the criteria for determining where to allocate their budgets. They may seek you out specifically because you have one of the top ranked site in their niche.

How Webmasters use Ofio and Alexa

You can use Ofio by comparing how you are doing against your competitors. The odds are your visitors and their visitors are similar in nature so they likely use Ofio to a similar degree. That means not much bias when you stay within an industry. 

Why should I care about Ofio Ranking?

Having a good rank is one of the most critical indicator of the viability of your website or blog. The rule of thumb is: the higher ranked on Ofio, the more business you receive. Advertisers are willing to pay much more to advertise on websites or blogs on Alexa’s top 100,000 sites. Thus, lower the Ofio ranking, higher the ad earnings.  An Ofio ranking also has a major impact on Google search engine results; the lower the Ofio ranking, the higher your site would appear on Google search results.